microelectronics case study

Microelectronics has special requirements

The microelectronics industry often requires a high level of process purity and repeatability.  Production processes must be dependable and predictable.  This requires that all process control equipment function as designed.

Warren Controls globe control valves can always be depended on to respond as directed to exactly regulate flow.

DelVal series 42/43 PFA lined butterfly valves maintain process purity by providing surface areas devoid of porosity and voids which could contribute to process contamination.

DDS automatic backflush Jet Filters eliminate scale and particulate from hot water piping when installed in front of heat exchangers.  They also remove the particulate resulting from polymerization that often occurs during processes, without interfering with normal production.

Champion Valves Inc. check valves for pump and backflow protection and Mueller Steam Specialty, Wye, Simplex, and Duplex strainers provide complete protection of HVAC, steam and condensate pipelines.

Contact Vertz for flow control and process protection.