Commercial Construction

Commercial construction

Bonomi Series 171NLF Commercial Style

Each project is different, but there are some things all construction projects have in common.

Fire protection is an important part of every project.  To meet stringent insurance guidelines, contractors must use product designed and approved for fire-line applications.  We have the UL / FM approved check valves and UL / FM listed fire-line basket and wye strainers that are required for proper designs.

Controlling labor cost is necessary on every project. In a recent project, we were able to supply grooved end strainers, check valves, butterfly valves, and suction diffusers.  Grooved end products save money by dramatically reducing the time and head count required to install piping and related equipment. We were pleased to help bring a project in on time and under cost

Beginning on January 1, 2014, lead free drinking water will be a requirement throughout the U.S.  We’re not waiting.  Just as we currently watch for opportunities to increase safety and reduce costs, we are preparing for the future by working with companies that already offer lead free valves and strainers.