Food & Beverage

Sometimes a small innovation can make a big difference. In poultry plants and other food service work environments, for example, there may be a lot of people with access to the valves that control flow of liquids. One client had a problem with workers removing the handles. The workers said the handles  were in the way.  Unfortunately, handles got lost or mislaid and workers used wrenches and pliers to turn the valves.  Once the stems were rounded off, the valves had to be replaced.  New valve costs combined with hourly labor rates were creating unacceptable operating expenses.

DelVal Valve Automation

Instead of trying to police the workers’ behavior, get everyone fully informed about all possible ramifications, or put signs all over the plant, Vertz brought in a new type of valve.

HSI makes a full port ball valve with a locking handle that can’t be removed.

Adding this type of valve to the poultry plant’s system solved the problem easily.

We at Vertz know valves, strainers, and other flow control products well enough that we can work with our customers to find the best solutions for their needs.

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