Vertz offers single source assistance for most of the flow control products found in a building’s mechanical room.

  • Resilient seated butterfly isolation valves
  • High performance butterfly valves
  • Globe control valves
  • Automatic self-cleaning strainers
  • Triple duty valves
  • Double door and silent check valves
  • Suction diffusers
  • Wye strainers


DelVal Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

On a recent project, we were able to able to help a contractor avoid a costly future valve failure. The stem of the valve originally specified would strike the disc of the high performance butterfly flanged directly to the check valve.  We had seen this error before and it resulted in a bent stem and a check valve that could not close.

Our extensive experience meant that we were able to recommend a special long body silent check valve. This alternative prevented problems in the future, saving the company both time and money.