Pulp and Paper

A pulp and paper mill

A paper mill in Northwest Louisiana was experiencing regular mechanical failure of the baskets in a Mueller duplex strainer.  We made an onsite inspection of the duplex and consulted with mill operations personnel.  We strongly suspected that cavitation was causing severe turbulence in the strainer housings.  This turbulence was causing the welded basket handles to break.  The baskets could then lift off their seats and particulate was allowed to bypass the baskets, flow downstream and interfere with normal equipment performance.

We detailed our findings to the Mueller engineering staff. The engineers redesigned their baskets, used heavier gauge handles and perf, and immediately sent a test unit to the paper mill for testing.  The new design solved the problem. Mueller incorporated the redesign into all future strainers.

Class 150 Ball-Plex™ Stainless Steel Flanged End Duplex Strainers

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